Government’s track record on self sufficiency ‘doesn’t inspire confidence’

The BDA has highlighted the number of dental graduates who couldn’t get a foundation training place after Jeremy Hunt said he wanted the NHS to be self sufficient

The British Dental Association (BDA) has slammed the government on its commitment for ‘self sufficiency’ within the NHS.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he wants the NHS to be ‘self sufficient’ within 10 years, with a commitment to train 1,500 more doctors every year.

However, the BDA has questioned the Health Secretary after 14 UK dental graduates were left without a dental foundation training position, which the BDA has put down to poor planning.

‘Terrible news’

‘This government’s track record on investing in home grown talent does not inspire confidence,’Β Judith Husband, chair of the BDA’s Education, Ethics and the Dental Team Working Group, said.

‘Ministers remain willing to spend over Β£150,000 educating dental students, only to then deny them training places within NHS.

‘That isn’t self-sufficiency.

‘It’s terrible news for taxpayers, patients, and for the graduate health professionals who wanted to provide NHS care, but have been disqualified from caring for NHS patients.’

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