Dishonest dentists and dental care professionals treated too harshly

dishonest dentists
A new report has claimed dishonest dental care professionals are being treated too harshly by regulators

Dishonest dentists and dental care professionals are being too harshly treated by regulators, a new report has claimed.

The report, Dishonest behaviour by health and care professionals, commissioned by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) analysed the views of the public and other professionals on the sanctions handed out by regulators to healthcare professionals.

It found that the public was more forgiving of dishonesty than the regulators, prompting calls to review the sanctions handed out.

Focus on rehabilitation

‘This report indicates that the health and care regulators are, to an extent, out of step with public opinion,’ Andrea James, partner at law firm LHS and a leading healthcare regulatory solicitor, said.

‘It would be reasonable to expect each regulatory body to re-examine its indicative sanctions guidance in light of the report’s findings or, as a minimum, explore the issues further.

‘The role of these regulatory bodies is to protect the public and it is clear from this report that the public is more pragmatic and forgiving in its attitude than regulators.

‘People wish to see a greater focus on rehabilitation and remorse from health and care professionals involved in dishonesty cases rather than removal from the profession.’

The report met with focus groups that were made of people from the general public, a range of professionals and patients to discuss real-life cases.

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