Fluoride varnish that delivers rapid fluoride release

Nupro 5% White Varnish from Dentsply promotes rapid fluoride release causing fast and effective relief from hypersensitivity. Applied with a brush in a thin layer, the fluoride varnish provides a highly concentrated temporary dose of fluoride to the tooth surface by sealing dentinal tubules. It even works on wet teeth as it sets on contact with saliva!

Nupro White Varnish is formulated with a hydrogenated resin and urethane resin comprising 5% sodium fluoride at 22,600 ppm.

Easy to apply with only a two-hour wear time

varnish sample box grapeIn most cases it takes only a minute or two to complete the application. This varnish is easy to apply, reaching hard to access interproximal areas and spreading easily on teeth to leave a uniform layer. The required wear time for Nupro White Varnish is two hours, so patients can quickly resume normal eating and drinking habits.

Flexible packaging allows the user to choose how to hold the unit dose: it can be snapped on the prophy grip, held between the fingers or rested on the dental tray. Designed to minimise clumping, with no dripping or stringing, Nupro varnish eliminates some of the biggest frustrations dental professionals experience when using fluoride varnish. Easy to handle and apply, dentists and hygienists will save time and effort as it can be applied without needing to dry the teeth first.

To find out more about Nupro White Varnish visit Dentsply.com or contact your local Dentsply Sirona territory sales manager to request a free sample.

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