New alternative to energy drinks is looking for your votes

Firestar, a new alternative to sugar-filled energy drinks has been launched in the UK

Firestar, a healthier alternative to sugar-filled energy drinks, is looking for votes to win this year’s Voom.

The energy crystals are a revolutionary new product that the manufacturers claim is better tasting, stronger, healthier, better value and easier to carry than most energy drinks and shots and Firestar has been shortlisted in Voom, a competition to pitch to Richard Branson and win a share of £1 million in prizes – as well as a trip to Necker Island and mentoring at 10 Downing Street.

Firestar has been designed to be the first truly effective ultra portable single serve energy sweet, and fits inside a wallet, purse or pocket so that it can be eaten at anytime.

It is low in calories and can be used for work, driving, sports, studying etc.

Firestar uses drug delivery technology to release the caffeine over four hours, making it one of the most efficacious energy products on the market.

To vote for Firestar in this year’s Voom visit

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