Campaign launched to help cut sugar consumption

Sugar-free-syrupPractice Plan is using social media to promote the importance of reducing sugar in our diets.

Using the hashtag #PPSweetFreedom, Practice Plan will be posting educational updates on its Facebook and Twitter pages for dental practices to share and follow via their social media accounts.

‘The issues around the amount of added sugar in our diets is frequently hitting the headlines, such as recent revelations that some coffee chains are adding up to 25 teaspoons of sugar to some of their drinks,’ head of marketing, Gayle Collett, said.

‘Dentists are in a great position to promote the effects of too much sugar on oral health and well-being and provide support and advice.

‘This campaign is designed to provide them with handy snippets of content to share with their patients to get them thinking.’

Tips and advice


Everyday this month, Practice Plan has been posting blogs, an infographic, video diaries, visual tips and motivational advice.

They have been posted to not only promote the oral and general health benefits of reducing consumption of added sugars, but also to provide suggestions of reduced sugar alternatives and things to look out for when buying food.

All of which has been designed so that the profession can easily share it with their patients.

infographic header

To see more of Practice Plan’s #PPSweetFreedom campaign, visit its Facebook page

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