Entrepreneurialism in dentistry commended

Henry Schein
Stanley Bergman (right) and Tony Volpe have commended the entrepreneurialism of senior dental leaders

Stanley Bergman, CEO at Henry Schein, commended the entrepreneurialism of senior dental leaders at an event earlier this month.

Mr Bergman discussed the importance of fostering strong leadership in the field to meet growing global oral health challenges.

‘Oral care is not just about teeth,’ he stated.

‘It is connected to overall health.

‘If the world can understand that oral care is at the centre of healthcare, they will understand why it is important to fund global oral health initiatives and organisations.’


Mr Bergman went on to pinpoint the importance of public/private partnerships that can further the shared mission to advance oral health around the world.

Key to this is ‘creativity, communication and collaboration’.

Mr Bergman then cited Henry Schein’s success down to building a business on ‘social responsibility’ and ‘dreaming big’.

Senior Dental Leadership programme

Smiling delegates at the 10th annual Senior Dental Leaders Programme

Mr Bergman addressed the crowd of dental leaders at the 10th annual Senior Dental Leaders Programme on 8 March at the The Langham hotel in London.

The Senior Dental Leadership (SDL) programme is an annual international conference designed to develop high-level leadership and management capabilities in oral health leaders from around the globe.

The multi-day conference aims to achieve a ‘cavity-free world’ for young children.

To face this challenge, the Global Child Dental Health Taskforce (GCDHT) was developed by chief dental officers and senior dentists to address the ‘public health epidemic’ of dental cavities in young children.

Other topics discussed at the event included dental leadership development in India, child oral health issues in Mexico, and developing dental leadership in undergraduates and newly qualified dentists.

Dr Tony Volpe, vice president of Colgate’s clinical research and scientific development department, has been closely associated with the SDL programme since its initial conference in London in 2007.

He commented: ‘I believe that under the auspices of the Global Child Dental Fund and the leadership of Professor Raman Bedi, this programme is one of the best I have ever been associated with.

‘At every conference I have had the great fortune to actually witness the world of dentistry through the eyes of the many capable dental leaders who have attended the sessions and shared their experiences with us.’

The programme is run in conjunction with King’s College London and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and is sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive and Henry Schein.

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