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IMG_4466Dev Patel, director of implant programmes at UCL Eastman Dental Institute CPD, explains why UCL Eastman is a great way to start your training in implant dentistry.

At UCL Eastman Dental Institute, we have implant training programmes to meet the needs of all dentists from beginner to expert.

Implant training

Implant training in the UK can be inconsistent in terms of the quality of education provided with courses varying from short weekend courses to more comprehensive, university-based formal programmes. Our university-based training programmes are quality assured to meet the General Dental Council’s standard on implant training.

Choosing to pursue the surgical or restorative aspects of implant treatment can be difficult. In our view, we would recommend for those undecided to consider restoring simple implant cases as a first step in implant training.

Restorative implant training

There are very few comprehensive, restorative-only implant training programmes in the UK. To redress this we have developed a five-day, hands-on course that covers restoration of implant-supported teeth. It includes the important skills of impression taking, fit and maintenance.

In addition we cover key areas such as the use of screw versus cement, provisional restorations, emergence profiles, implant occlusion and managing complications.

For students who wish to develop their skills further we have an optional clinical module where they can restore implants on their patients under our direct specialist supervision. This training programme is recommended for all dentists with little or no previous experience who wish to commence restoring dental implants.

Surgical and restorative implant training

To develop both surgical and restorative aspects of implant dentistry, the implant diploma training programme at UCL would be the gold standard.

The postgraduate diploma is a part-time, flexible programme based on attending two days per month over three years. The course incorporates all aspects of implant treatment from patient selection, planning and surgery to restoration, maintenance and complications. All the teaching is carried out by specialist practitioners using a combination of lectures, seminars, hands-on workshops and live surgeries. Students have the opportunity to put into practice what they have been taught by treating patients on site with one-to-one specialist supervision.

The course meets the GDC requirements for implant training on straight forward cases.

Our aim is to give students the confidence to treat patients in their own practices. At the end of the programme we have a study club exclusively for the diploma graduates to help them to continue developing their implant training needs.

Short implant courses

We have also recently developed a range of short implant courses including sinus grafting, guided bone regeneration and immediate loading to help dentists with some implant experience and to develop their skills in these more advanced procedures.

Our next course in April is an introduction for dentists with little to no implant experience and will be run by myself, Dr Dev Patel, director of implant programmes at UCL Eastman. To find out more about all these courses visit

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