Claims for dental implants rise by 41%

Claims against dental professionals for implants are on the rise

Claims against dental professionals for dental implants have risen by 41% for the period from 2009-2013.

Figures from a study in the new digital journal of the Dental Defence Union (DDU) also reveal that of those claims settled to date, £4 million has been paid out. 

‘Dental implants may seem like the perfect way to re-build a patient’s smile, but, like any dental treatment, there are risks involved and things may not always go to plan,’ Dr Leo Briggs, dento-legal adviser at the Dental Defence Union, says.

‘It is important that dental professionals are aware of these risks and take steps to both minimise them and explain them to patients in advance so that they have realistic expectations.’

Reasons for claims

A total of 311 claims were received by the DDU in relation to dental implants in the 10 year period between 2004 and 2013.

Of these claims, 115 having been settled to date for an average of £34,000, with one claim settling for over £200,000.

The most common reason for claims was ‘failure of treatment’, with over one third citing this as the reason for the claim, while ‘unsatisfactory treatment’ was the second most common reason with 17% of claims alleging this.

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