Steven Campbell launches Nexus Dental

Steve Campbell - Nexus Dental
Steve Campbell

Dental technician, trainer and lecturer Steven Campbell has recently opened Nexus Dental Laboratory. Passionate about his work, he spent the last 13 years as an implant technician, managing a skilled technical team. Laboratory magazine speaks to the man himself

Why did you decide to start Nexus Dental Laboratory?

‘With Nexus Dental Laboratory I hope to bring together the very best in the latest technology, with some of the most skilled and passionate technicians in the UK to offer the patients the very best restorations possible.’

Why now?

‘When I decided to leave a large successful laboratory behind and pursue a career in training and lecturing I had not factored in one important consideration. Just how much I enjoy the experience of working closely with surgeons to create solutions to sometimes challenging situations. So when I was offered the opportunity to open my own lab with a new team I just couldn’t turn it down.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the latest technology, and due to my experience I have also been asked to lecture and train on the latest in CAD/CAM. Through this time I have seen the technology evolve to a point where I now feel confident in creating a purely digital laboratory, where we will not have any of the traditional burnout furnaces or casting machines.

All of our frameworks and implant substructures will be made using the latest CAD/CAM technologies, or in connection with some of the most skilled service providers in the UK. This is going to ensure a very flexible and efficient laboratory, which will be able to change and adapt quickly to the many new technologies and materials to ensure our clients and their patients always get the benefit of the best the market has to offer.

New technology allows for improved communication, quality, consistency and cost-efficiency, without any compromise. CAD/CAM and concepts like Digital Smile Design bring benefit to the client and their patients through improved communication, without any additional cost.

Although I’m passionate about the new technologies and materials we will be able to adopt, the key will always be skilled and passionate professionals working closely with the surgeons for the benefit of their patients.

This is why we will be proud to be a British Bite Mark laboratory, with a GDC registered team of professionals to make the most of this technology.’

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