Simon Tucker to host Practice Management Conferences

diagramDentistry catches up with Simon Tucker who will be hosting the Practice Management Conferences, to find out a little more about the day and why the conferences are a must-attend.

The Practice Management Conferences, delivered by Business of Dentistry Events, return this year with a formidable array of expert dental speakers.

Taking place on Friday 5 June in Reading and Friday 19 June in Manchester, delegates will come together for a full-day event that’s informative, entertaining and dedicated to  developing the skills of practice management teams.

Dentistry magazine (DM): For those that don’t know you Simon, can you give us an insight into your background?

Simon Tucker (ST): I’ve spent more than 32 years working in the dental industry, both in the UK and internationally, so you could say that I’ve got a wide knowledge of the inner workings of a successful dental business! Nowadays, I run my consultancy business ‘Profitable Conversation’ where I work to develop team’s communication skills.

DM: How would people who know you describe you?

ST: Enthusiastic, energetic, very much a people person and a motivator.

DM: When you’re not busy helping dental practices, what do you like doing in your free time?

ST: I love keeping fit and being outdoors as much as possible, so I’d have to say cycling and swimming. I also have a creative side I like to indulge, so photography and cooking are also definitely up there.

DM: You’re hosting the conferences for the first time this year, are you looking forward to it?

ST: Yes, very much so! I love an audience and feel privileged to be hosting the event and to be alongside other great speakers who are also featuring on the day; Chris Barrow, Jane Lelean, Pat Langley and Sally Toon.

DM: You are also one of the key speakers, what will your session cover?

ST: My session will focus on helping delegates understand that sales can be as easy as just a good conversation. I’ll be helping delegates to learn how to talk to their patients about money and feel comfortable and at ease about it.

DM: What three things will people be able to takeaway from your session and put into practice?

ST: They will learn lots but the top three things will be:

  1. How to listen effectively
  2. How to truly understand what patients want
  3. How to feel comfortable selling and discussing money.

DM: As part of your consultancy business ‘Profitable Conversation’ you are constantly helping dental practices, is there a question that you are regularly asked?

ST: Yes. Can you help my team develop our confidence in talking money?

DM: Why do you think dental practice teams find it difficult to talk about money with their patients?

ST: Money is very personal to most people and therefore almost a taboo subject. Most dental teams undervalue themselves and find it hard to discuss what they feel is a lot of money for a patient to spend.

DM: What would you say is your top tip when it comes to ‘selling’ to patients?

ST: Take the time to ask good questions and listen, properly, to the answers!

DM: Finally, why do you think the Practice Management Conferences are a must-attend for practice management teams?

ST: This is a conference dedicated to supporting practice management teams and will undoubtedly deliver a lot of good ideas and insightful information from experienced and knowledgeable speakers. As well as that (as if that’s not reason enough!), delegates will also find that they learn a lot from each other by sharing experiences, issues and best practice. The networking sessions that feature as part of the day will be truly invaluable and just as useful as the speaking sessions!

Simon Tucker will be hosting the Practice Management Conferences on 5 June in Reading and the 19 June in Manchester. For more information and to book your place, visit or call the events team on 01691 684135.

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