Increase patient acceptance with new smile design software

Dan Burborough introduces Planmeca’s Romexis software

Improving the daily workflow of dentists around the world is the driving force behind Planmeca’s innovations. Planmeca’s newest software module allows dentists to design smiles using a simple 2D facial smile photo and intelligent teeth silhouettes. Dan Burborough, marketing executive for Planmeca UK, discusses how.

The importance of a smile cannot be overstated. It’s the first thing that we notice and often can determine how a person is perceived. Even more so in today’s world where first impressions matter, it’s increasingly important to offer not only the best possible treatment to your patient, but a reassurance that doing so will have no adverse aesthetic considerations.

Whilst effort is taken to employ an artistic eye and use the ‘golden proportion’ rule, nothing is better than an image that both dentist and patient can consider. The newest addition to Planmeca’s vast product portfolio is Planmeca Romexis Smile Design – a powerful and intuitive software program that has been designed with that exact purpose in mind.

Developed for smile designing, visual communication and treatment planning, it revolutionises dentists’ communication with other specialists, dental labs and patients with the aim of a higher rate of case acceptance, as well as an improved realisation of created designs.

Exceptional ease-of-use

As is the Planmeca standard, the Smile Design software enables a workflow that is characterised by its ease of use – designing a smile is a straightforward process taking only a matter of minutes and done with only a few clicks.

All the tools needed for designing warm new smiles are included in Planmeca Romexis Smile Design, as the software allows manipulation of the position, shape and dimensions of teeth – individually or as a group.

In addition, the software shows the dimensions and ratio of tooth height to width and provides all the required measurement tools for analysing proportions of the teeth and face.

Modifying teeth has never been as easy and designs can be completed precisely according to patients’ needs. The result is a photorealistic simulation of a patient’s new harmonious smile.

Improved communication

One of the daily challenges faced during a consultation is interpretation of the patient’s treatment, and this vision may or may not be in line with what you believe to be the best solution or even possible.

Planmeca Romexis Smile Design is a powerful tool for patient education and communication. The software actively involves patients in the designing process and allows them to see the full potential of their smiles beforehand. Foreseeable results help to build trust and decrease uncertainty, as patients can rest assured that the outcome of the treatment will match their expectations.

The design software also gives dentists the means to visually and numerically communicate with other specialists and laboratories to determine the correct treatment options for patients. Designs can be printed out or securely sent to patients, dental labs or other specialists via the Planmeca Romexis cloud file transfer.

Compatibility with CAD/CAM and orthodontic software

Planmeca Romexis Smile Design is more than a visualisation tool, finalised 2D designs can act as a visual guide or reference for physical mock-up designing, as well as final restoration.

Completed smile designs can be easily exported on to Planmeca Plancad Easy, Planmeca Romexis 3D Ortho Studio, or any other orthodontic or CAD/CAM program making the software an invaluable link between treatment planning and implementation.

Planmeca Romexis Smile Design is available for Windows and Mac OS. It is sold as a standalone version, as well as a module for Planmeca Romexis. As always, you can expect that if you choose to speak to a member of the Planmeca team you will receive an open and honest discussion, complemented by a highly trained and dedicated support team both internally and externally to ensure you always have peace of mind.

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