UK graduation first for Kois-accredited technician

Pioneering laboratory manager becomes the first Kois-accredited technician in the UK


Kois-accredited technician
Dr John Kois (l) presents technician Richard Elliott with his graduation certificate

Richard Elliott has become the first dental technician in the UK to successfully qualify from the prestigious Kois Center, which specialises in aesthetics, implant and restorative dentistry.

And since completing the intense educational experience in the USA and becoming a Kois-accredited technician, the manager of Queensway Dental Laboratory in Teesside is really starting to reap the benefits.

Richard, who has more than 19 years’ experience as a technician, says that he now, more than ever, understands the importance of both the clinical and technical teams working closely together, in order to achieve successful and consistent results.

He said: ‘I am delighted to become the first Kois-accredited technician in the UK, which is one of the most challenging and rewarding accomplishments of my career.

‘The course has helped my colleagues and I bridge the gap between technicians and dentists. The clinical insight I have gained means we now have a system of working together, following the Kois principles that can only be of benefit to our patients and practice.”

Richard, the treasurer of the British Institute of Dental and Surgical Technologists (BIDST) and a Straumann Platinum Technician, continued: ‘One of the main skills taught on the Kois course is how to plan for complex cases as a team.

‘We were introduced to the Kois deprogrammer, which enables cases with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders to achieve their optimal position, and the assessment of this position on an articulator with a possible trial equilibration, if required.’

The Kois-accredited technician went on to explain how from this assessment the Kois facebow can be used to produce a perfect diagnostic wax-up on which the definitive restorative work is based. The facebow allows the seamless transfer of information from the clinic to the laboratory, taking away any guess work from achieving an aesthetic outcome.

The restorative modules on the course look in depth at failure rates for each restoration and material, offering up a solid understanding of what materials and restorations can be used in each indication to provide aesthetic, long-lasting results.

The Kois-accredited technician, who lectures for Nobel Biocare and whose interest and qualifications lie in implantology, added: “The Kois course teaches you how to use the systems and protocols they have developed over many years using evidence based research. Because of this, the course is constantly developing and evolving best practice, and as new ground breaking research papers are released they are incorporated into the syllabus.”

Queensway Dental Laboratory is located on-site at the Queensway Dental Clinic, where four of the partners are also Kois accredited, accounting for five of only 15 practitioners in the UK who have graduated from the innovative Kois Center.

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