The Young Dentist Academy’s official launch

YDA LogoThe Young Dentist Academy (YDA) officially launched its course for newly qualified dentists on 16 October.

The academy held an evening of lectures at Ivoclar Vivadent’s International Centre for Dental Education in Leicester.

Young dentists were welcomed to the taster event to give an insight into what the Confidence, competence and contentment in general dental practice course has to offer.

The course is aimed at young dentists who feel they need further training relevant to general practice.

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Martyn Amsel, Katharine Cordner and Nazia Alyas

The evening saw dentist Paul Mandon Gassman presenting his top tips for predictable preps. He gave some valuable advice on reducing time, stress and errors. And Martyn Amsel, co-founder of the YDA, discussed an implant procedure and went through a case step by step with the attendees.

Martyn and his co-founders, Nazia Alyas and Katharine Cordner, all spoke at the event explaining to delegates about their journey into general practice and why they set up the academy. They realised ‘that young dentists have far less experience at undergraduate and foundation training level than they ever have had before. Lots of young dentists were feeling too scared to take on more complex work in case of complaints and litigation. To increase their confidence, they attend courses that are often too advanced for their level of dentistry, leaving them more disgruntled and isolated,’ according to the YDA team.

YDA evening lecture

The informative evening was rounded off with a social gathering and discussions about the YDA course.

Shiraz Khan, a young dentist who has signed up to the course, explained to the group why he joined the YDA. ‘I think this is a fantastic initiative to increase scope and awareness among my young dental colleagues. I am particularly interested in hands-on dentistry as I want to be able to progress and fulfil my aspirations for the future.’

The course starts in March 2015. More details can be found at:

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