A social platform designed just for dental care professionals

ClinicalPortfolio 2Founders Amit Patel and Dev Patel both had a vision to help connect all dental professionals to help one another, build business relationships and friendships, whilst allowing members to showcase their professional achievements.

Dental Circle is a mainstream social media platform, aimed at all dental professionals.

Dentists, therapists, hygienists, laboratory technicians and nurses can all connect, communicate and profile themselves on one, modern, user-friendly website.

Now, it is more important than ever for all dental professionals to work together and help each other to improve the standards of dentistry in the UK.

Dental Circle profiles each dental professional to provide a clean page for each user.

Each users profile page will formulate up-to-date CVs and will showcase their academic and clinical achievements.

The clinical portfolio will not only encourage users to take more photographs, but will also provide an invaluable way to reflect on their clinical work.

Special interests will be developed for each user through the use of specific groups, which will be mentored by the UK’s most highly respected dental professionals.

Cases will be presented in a ‘before’ and ‘after’ format and the mentors will provide advice on how the result can be improved or what further learning may be required to achieve optimal results next time.

The events calendar is another unique feature of the site; with all the UK’s top quality dental courses and events listed on one easy-to-use calendar.

Finally, the site will provide an easy-to-use CPD (continuous professional development) log, which will also add to your curriculum vitae and will be in line with GDC (General Dental Council) regulations.

Dental Circle is a secure platform for all dental professionals to connect in a way like never before.

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