Diary of a young dentist: Reena Wadia

Reena 2Reena Wadia discusses how writing dentistry related articles has helped her develop in her career.

I’m a keen bean when it comes to writing articles!

I’ll be honest and say that the first article I ever wrote was purely for my CV.

And on discussions with my peers, I realised that I wasn’t the only one with this motive. However, on completing my first article I discovered how much I actually enjoyed writing. Not only did I learn a huge amount through researching the topic in question, but I also realised the beauty of sharing any learning with the rest of the dental profession.

Furthermore, writing opinion pieces has allowed me to clarify my thoughts and given me the opportunity to understand the deeper meanings behind many of my views. It’s often difficult to decide what to write about but one thing I’ve learnt is that it’s only when I’m genuinely interested in a topic that I’ll have the motivation to put in the effort the article deserves and requires.

For some of my articles, it’s been great teaming up with an expert in that particular field. Not only is it inspiring to work with the experts, but it is also very helpful as they can guide you on content and structure.

Writing for a variety of journals and media is always interesting so keeping an open mind has helped.

Finally, I always find it useful to get feedback from the readers on whether the article was helpful or not – this is important for my own personal development but more importantly it ensures I am sharing content that will be valued by the dental community.

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