A professional’s insight into the latest electric toothbrushing technology from Colgate

Over 250 dental professionals attended across two evening events to see for themselves how the Colgate Proclinical electric toothbrush range could benefit them, their practice and their patients.

The Royal College of Physicians, London, and Manchester United Football Club, Manchester, were fitting venues for local dental professionals to share their experiences and insights with their peers.

The speakers included Dr Javid Mustafa, specialist in prosthodontics and a lecturer, Royal College of Surgeons, England.

Dr Ravi Singh, a general dental practitioner and postgraduate educational supervisor and training programme manager with Health Education North West, and Anne-Marie Yarwood a dental therapist.

The presentations covered current concepts in toothbrushing, challenges in achieving optimal oral hygiene, risk factors associated with ineffective toothbrushing, how the latest innovation from Colgate can assist patients with more effective toothbrushing, and how the Colgate Proclinical electric toothbrush range can improve the oral health of patients.

Delegate feedback* was very positive, with 94% indicating the presentation demonstrated an understanding of the current concepts in toothbrushing, and 97% indicating the presentation demonstrated how the latest innovation from Colgate could assist patients with more effective toothbrushing.

You are invited to also share the experience and insights of the speakers from the Manchester event by visiting www.colgateprofessional.co.uk to view a video, give your feedback and gain one hour verifiable continuous professional development (CPD).

There are three toothbrushes within the Colgate Proclinical electric toothbrush range.

The A1500 model with unique smart sensors automatically adjusts the speed and motion based on the position it is held in the mouth.

The Colgate Proclinical A1500 electric toothbrush is clinically proven to provide five times more plaque removal along the gumline (Colgate-Palmolive, 2012), providing  superior (Colgate-Palmolive, 2012) cleaning and plaque removal.

The smart, ergonomic, lightweight design and advanced cleaning technology makes Colgate Proclinical A1500 toothbrush entirely unique, offering superior (Colgate-Palmolive, 2012) cleaning to transform the way your patients clean their teeth and gums.

*Feedback from 237 delegates across two events.


Colgate-Palmolive (2012), vs. a manual flat-trim toothbrush – Data on file

For further information on the Colgate Proclinical electric toothbrush range please visit www.colgateprofessional.co.uk.

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