Summer Transfer Offer – worth exploring

Simon Reynolds, commercial director of Patient Plan Direct, explains: ‘We have teamed up with Tracy Stuart of NBS Training, one the leading dental trainers in the UK, to offer practices a transfer offer that is focused on business support and plan success for the long term.

‘The offer we have put together does not require practices to have hundreds of patients on plan to take advantage of transferring to Patient Plan Direct.

'It is indeed those practices with only a few hundred plan patients that are paying higher plan administration fees due to sliding scale or variable fee structures.

'Moreover, these practices may not receive the attention or service they expect due to not being identified as "key clients".

'Many will be paying administration fees that eat up too much of the practice’s total plan income, making plan profitability a real challenge.’

Carole Kitchen, head business development manager north, adds: ‘Many may perceive our £1 per patient per month proposition to be comparative to the "Tesco Value" brand option within the plan market, resulting in an inferior/no frills service compared to other plan providers.

‘In actual fact, our client testimonials and case studies highlight our excellent support and an approach that is well suited to the modern dental practice.

'We are simply excellent value rather than just low cost and the steps we have planned in the coming months will further enhance our overall offering to dental practices.’

Patient Plan Direct has managed successful transfers from all of the major plan providers, all of which have been smooth and successful, resulting in high patient retention, significant cost savings and a positive experience for the patient as well as the practice.

Is it time you explored Patient Plan Direct?

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