Running towards Glasgow 2014

Morag McLarty is hoping to run the 1500m race and is currently less than a second away from reaching the minimum qualifying time to compete. Morag, 27, has previous experience in the Commonwealth Games finishing eighth in the qualifying heats at Melbourne, 2006 for the 1500m. Morag currently juggles her time between training for the Games and working at Blairgowrie Dental Care.

The Courier reported that Morag said of her push to Glasgow 2014: ‘It’s going to be pretty hard, but hopefully I can get the qualifying time. It’s all looking quite promising at the moment. It’s really exciting to be working towards Glasgow 2014, particularly after the success of the Olympics and the fact it’s our home games.’

Morag went onto explain that should she reach Glasgow 2014, she may well have higher ambitions afterwards. ‘Rio 2016 is something I would definitely want to compete in. If things keep on improving the way they have and I manage to stay injury-free, then I would definitely consider trying out for Team GB. Kelly Holmes was 33 when she won her first gold medals, so I think I’ve got plenty of time left.’

Despite being just short of the time required to qualify for Glasgow 2014, Morag will require sponsorship to achieve her goal. If interested in sponsoring Morag, please contact her on [email protected].

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