Dentistry double act back on tour

After the success of last year’s events, the workshops will combine Sheila’s straight-talking passion for patient experience and Michael’s advice on how practices can deliver five star service from start to finish. We caught up with them both to chat about their return.


Are you glad to be working together again?

SS: You bet. Michael is the hottest new young thing in the dental consultancy market. He’s burst onto the scene with vibrancy and energy and has tons of superb advice. He’s a great presenter and really knows how to get across the practical changes practices can make. 

MB: Thanks Sheila. Same goes. Sheila is so experienced in the dental consultancy world and what you see is definitely what you get. I aspire to maintain the passion that Sheila still has in abundance after working in the industry for so many years. She is truly able to see things from the viewpoint of the patient and helps practices see this.


Can you describe each other in three words?

SS: Inspiring, perfectionist and energetic.

MB: Truthful, assertive and passionate. I don’t understand what you mean by energetic, Sheila. I’m known for my calm demeanour.


Both of you were involved in ‘The Perfect Patient Journey’ last year. What sort of feedback did you receive from the attending practices last time?

SS: I don’t know about you, Michael, but everybody I’ve spoken to who attended, loved ‘The Perfect Patient Journey’. For some, the ideas were completely new. For other practices, there were tips for improving their existing patient journeys.

MB: Simply amazing feedback. Creating a perfect patient journey needs to be taken back to basics and this is a very rewarding training day if absorbed with passion and a ‘can do’ attitude. Alyson from Darren Bywater Dental Care told me that the day had a fun feel, making it easier to absorb all the key points.


You both seem incredibly passionate about the patient experience. Why do you feel this is such an important topic?

SS: The only thing that really matters to practice success is how patients feel about the practice service. If patients are unhappy, or worse, indifferent about how a practice looks after them, there is no chance of practice growth, success or profit in the future. Everything has to be built around the patient.

MB: Like Sheila, I am very passionate about the patient experience. For me it’s why I went into dentistry. I want to make a difference to every person I meet and change their perception of dentistry. As a treatment coordinator, I know how powerful it is to build a relationship with a patient and how this ‘one appointment’ sets up the right experience for every appointment thereafter.


What benefits can a practice expect to see after they start focusing on the patient experience?

SS: The benefits speak for themselves when you have attended the training. Everyone wants to make sure that patients completely understand every aspect of their treatment and that this is communicated effectively. All the new changes need to be adopted across the team and be implemented for every patient.

MB: I have a slide I use in my presentations. It states that when patients are happy or satisfied, they do what the team tells them to do, don’t cancel or fail appointments, pay up with gratitude, never complain even if something goes wrong, they get healthier, the team like working with them, the practice runs more smoothly and is more likely to be profitable.


If you would like to hear more from Sheila and Michael about how you can provide ‘The Perfect Patient Journey’ please visit or call a member of the events team on 01691 684135 to secure your seats at the workshops. The tour will be going to Heathrow, Southampton, Nottingham and Exeter. Don’t forget to ask about the multi-delegate discount.

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