New company and product launched to help dentists

Bedi OralCare is a new, Edinburgh-based company­ providing quality dental products to help improve the oral healthcare of those with specialist dental needs who, according to Professor Bedi, are Œcurrently insufficiently catered for in the UK. So recently, Bedi OralCare have launched their inaugural product, the ŒBediShield, to help dentists carry out their day-to-day duties and deliver and maintain high levels of patient care. 

The BediShield is a unique and very useful Œmouth prop, designed for people with special dental care needs, from the elderly, those with disabilities, dementia, stroke sufferers through to young children with challenging behaviour, in keeping with Professor Bedi's ethos of making good oral healthcare accessible to everyone, regardless of age, illness or disability.

With superior dental care being a key component for peoples general health and wellbeing Professor Bedi advises that those with special healthcare needs in conjunction with their carers, need to be extra vigilant and attentive when it comes to maintaining the right level of oral hygiene. However sometimes, due to a persons condition, this can be more challenging as they may struggle to hold their mouth open for regular teeth brushing, dental checks or treatments. This can be frustrating for the patient and potentially hazardous for the carer/dental practitioner.

The new BediShield provides a simple, effective and respectful way of helping to keep the patient¹s mouth open and steady for any dental hygiene procedures to take place. It is safe, cost effective, comfortable as well as easy to use and clean. 

Professor Raman, chairman for Bedi OralCare commented: 'I am totally passionate about making good oral health care accessible to all and we're focusing on developing innovative new products to help these individuals and those that care for them. Our first dental aid, the BediShield, should prove an extremely helpful and a vital device for those conducting routine checks and treatments to patients, both young and old with developmental disorders, severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviours. 

'As many of us will know, carrying out such oral care can be a challenge. There's the risk of the dentist being bitten by patients who may involuntarily clench their teeth. It can also be traumatic for the receiver, whose neck and jaws are strained in the process. 

'Therefore in response to this, our new product eliminates these scenarios, by helping keep the patient's mouth, comfortably open and enabling dentists to carry out routine oral hygiene to the appropriate standard, ultimately helping the patient and ensuring a good level of health and safety for the dentist and their team.'

The BediShield is available to buy online via or call 0131 202 1039.

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