Care Quality Commission fees: have your say!

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published a consultation about the fees that it proposes to charge registered providers in 2014/15.

The fees paid by providers ensure that CQC can carry out the job of registering and inspecting health and adult social care providers to make sure they provide safe and effective care, monitoring them to make sure they continue to do so, and taking action if they fall below that bar. CQC is committed to making sure that fee charges are fair and proportionate.

This year’s consultation includes proposals to:

  • Increase fees for all providers by 2.5%
  • Change the bandings for residential care home providers to reduce the ’cliff edge’ effect of the current model (this is where a small change to the size of the service can take a provider into a higher fee band)
  • Introduce a measure to differentiate single location dental providers by the size of their practice, so we can more equitably charge fees to these providers from April 2014
  • Make a minor technical change to a definition in the fees scheme in relation to residential substance misuse and specialist college services to make its application clearer.

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