The Gadget Show brushes up

The purpose of the piece was to test the latest electronic toothbrushes on the market with celebrity dentist, James Russell, and A-dec were more than happy to help by providing the dental chair, light and delivery system for the filming of the show.

The 10 product testers were instructed to eat a sandwich and then each would use a different toothbrush to clean their teeth with James Russell monitoring the results using a disclosing dye.

The results showed there were four clear leaders including the Philips DiamondClean and Oral B TriZone5000 brushes.

The presenters then took on the toothbrush challenge themselves with A-dec creating the perfect surgery environment for the test. Using the latest Red Dot award winning A-dec LED light along with the premium quality A-dec 500 chair, the presenters were able to test the products in a more suitable environment.

Sitting in the A-dec 500 chair with fuchsia sewn upholstery, The Gadget Show’s Rachel Riley thoroughly tested the remaining brushes along with co-presenter Jason Bradbury. Sitting on a fuchsia A-dec stool, dentist James Russell helped the team decide which was the best brush to buy.






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