We need motivated hygienists!

A whitening company is looking for keen hygienists to share its passion for its whitening product.

PrevDent has developed a complete oral health platform technology including a whitening procedure, daily use toothpaste and repairing serum which have been formulated with breakthrough nano-hydroxyapatite technology.

Hydroxyapatite is the mineral that 97% of natural tooth enamel is made out of. Very commonly teeth may look and seem healthy, but a magnified photo would probably reveal clear microscopic scratches and cracks that is commonly caused by acid erosion, abrasion and daily wear and tear.

It has been shown that plaque and bacteria can penetrate deep in these crevices and can eventually lead to more serious damage such as tooth decay, painful sensitivity, and a duller, less appealing smile.

Stain prevention

The PrevDent CrWR ‘total-care’ product removes deeply seated stains from the teeth, restores teeth to their natural white healthy colour, and repairs enamel to keep teeth white by preventing new stains from forming by incorporating advanced nano-hydroxyapatite. The nano-Hydroxyapatite particles used in PrevDent CrWR and PrevDent toothpaste are completely identical to the mineral that forms dentine and enamel. It is precisely from this similarity and the size that the synthetic nano-particles derive their capability to reconstruct dentine and enamel. In addition to dramatically reducing sensitivity, restoring the damaged enamel creates a smoother surface resulting in a more lustrous, whiter looking smile.

Three  steps:

1. Stain removal – the first step of the treatment is removing deeply seated stains with the PrevDent Stain Remover swab. This advanced combination of surfactants, detergents, solvents and active oxygen penetrate the teeth and break down and remove the stains

2. Re-whitening – when the two part foaming whitener is combined, it creates an active oxygen foam that incorporates nano-hydroxyapatite that is able to adhere to the tooth surface repair enamel and deliver 6% hydrogen peroxide to the teeth that results in a whiter, brighter smile

3. Enamel repair – the repairing serum delivers concentrated nano-hydroxyapatite that remineralises and repairs the tooth surface leaving the patient with a healthy white smile with no sensitivity or damage to the enamel If you want to get involved..

If you wish to get involved, PrevDent needs motivated


• To share a passion for our products

• Demonstrate PrevDent CrWR in dental practices

Can you spare a few hours during the week?

Pay-per-visit, working on freelance basis

For further information:

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Phone 0208 386 0620

Common questions

Is PrevDent CrWR procedure compliant with the new EU Directive regarding 6% hydrogen peroxide in teeth whitening products?

Yes, PrevDent CrWR procedure is compliant with the new EU Directive. The PrevDent Whitening Solution delivers an active oxygen foam that requires much lower concentration of peroxide to achieve the same results as past whitening products that had concentrations as high as 25% hydrogen peroxide

How long does the procedure take?

The PrevDent CrWR procedure takes about an hour – the whitening foam and stain remover swab are applied six times for 10 minutes each application.

Is there painful tooth sensitivity during and/or after the procedure?

There have been zero reports of any tooth sensitivity during or after the procedure. The teeth do not become dehydrated from the procedure and the PrevDent Repairing Serum remineralises the teeth after the procedure. A few patients who reported having sensitive teeth before the procedure claim that their sensitivity got dramatically reduced after the treatment

Is there any damage to the enamel from the procedure?

The PrevDent CrWR procedure repairs and remineralises tooth enamel during and after the procedure, helping to prevent damage to the enamel

Does the procedure require a light?

PrevDent CrWR procedure does not require a light; however, we do recommend using a light to help to accelerate the procedure.

How effective is the procedure?

For tooth-whitening, the efficacy of PrevDent CrWR procedure is acceptable in terms of number of shades whiter teeth. In treatments executed, patients achieved an average of 8-9 shades whiter teeth. What’s more interesting are the results achieved for desensitising. None of the patients entering the treatment with sensitive teeth reported sensitivity during – or after – the treatment

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