Calling all dental nurses!

Due to the success of the Dental Mavericks Annual Ball in January, the charity raised enough money to find and fund a dental nurse for one of its 2013 projects in Morocco (including flights).

If you’re a dental nurse and would like to use your skills to help bring pain-free dentistry to 600 children in a village called El Jebah in north east Morocco, why not enter this competition…

In no more than 500 words answer these three questions:
1. How will entering this competition develop your career?
2. Why is it important to give back?
3. What qualities can you add to this dynamic team of givers?

The winner will join the Dental Mavericks on a project this year and will write a daily blog of the trip to be published in Dentistry magazine!
Just email your answers, in no more than 500 words, to Cally at [email protected]

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