Two years at the top

What a surprise it was to be voted by readers of the magazine to be the most influential person in dentistry.

I was in disbelief for the first day and then thought, let’s use this to make more of a difference.
Doors that had previously been closed suddenly opened. I was not a different person but the industry’s perception had slightly shifted. 
Through research for my book Brush, I had noticed a huge gap in the public’s access to dental services and thought perhaps I could help change this. I sent emails to the people I admired in dentistry, trying to include the entire sector from dental technicians to suppliers of dental equipment.
The subject heading was: ‘Are you interested in changing UK dentistry?’ and this opened a line of dialogue that ended in a meeting in an Italian Cookery school on 12 May 2011. We met around a kitchen table and had an enlightening conversation throughout the night that resulted in the formation of the Kitchen Table club. From that point onwards I was exposed to some of the brightest brains in dentistry. This was the birth of Heart Your Smile. We now have 5,000-plus followers and plan to launch to the public in 2014. 
Over the past two years I have spent time with the Colgate research and development team in New Jersey, Arm and Hammer’s PR company, worked with the BDA on their conference team, worked with King’s Alumni, Guy’s Hospital interviewing sixth formers and been a mentor to more than 20 students. I have spent time with outstanding charities such as Bridge2Aid, Dentaid and Dental Mavericks.
I have travelled from Dubrovnik to Hull to give more than 100 lectures to help inspire the next generation. I was also lucky enough to be a cover model! All this would not have been possible without Ken Finlayson and the entire team at FMC. I feel after two years it is time for another person in dentistry to be voted to the top, reach beyond their means and make a difference.
Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing, as always, you are free to vote for the people who most inspire you – whether they’re on this list or not.
Hazel Adams
Saaqib Ali
Martyn Amsell
Steven Anderson
Mark Atkinson
Ed Attenborough
Ruby Austin
Brian Avery
Paul Baker
Nasser Barghi
Graham Barnby
Chris Barrow
Paul Batchelor
Peter Bateman
Raman Bedi
Meredyth Bell
Tracey Bell
Nick Benger
Ian Benington
Phil Bennett
Paul Beresford
John Besford
Bhavin Bhatt
David Bloom
Ed Bonner
Tim Bradstock-Smith
Per-Ingvar Branemark
Peter Briggs
Sue Bruckel
Paul Brunton
Stephen Buchanan
Ian Buckle
Jason Buglass
Trevor Burke
Andy Burnham
Simon Burns
Paul Burstow
Steve Byfield
David Cameron
Julian Caplan
Nigel Carter
Sally Chadwick
Wyman Chan
Gerard Chiche
John Chope
Gordon Christensen
Janet Clarke
Barry Cockcroft
Anthony Colwyn
Mhari Coxon
John Cranham
Eddie Crouch
Bob Cummings
Simon Cunnington
Andrew Dawood
Jennifer de St Georges
Clive Debenham
Nick Dilworth
Nicola Docherty
Robert Donald
William Dorfman
Rahul Doshi
Chris Drinkwater
Mervyn Druian
John Drummond
Paul Dummer
David Dunlop
Andrew Eder
Lester Ellman
Julian English
Newton Fahl
Martin Fallowfield
Koray Feran
Charles Ferber
Ken Finlayson
Brian Franks
George Freedman
Philip Friel
Peter Galgut
Simon Gambold
Stephen Gates
Amarjit Gill
Evlynne Gilvarry
James Goolnik
Edgar Gordon
Sally Goss
Andrew Gould
Mike Gow
Malcolm Grant
Ken Green
Sue Greening
Linda Greenwall
Sue Gregory
Tony Griffin
Galip Gurel
Elaine Halley
Stephen Hancocks
Stuart Harding
Kathryn Harley
Mark Haswell
Van Haywood
John Healey
Sarah Hepburn
Roy Higson
John Hobkirk
Simon Hocken
Frank Holloway
Sara Holmes
Rupert Hoppenbrouwers
David Hornbrook
Laura Horton
David Houston
Earl Howe
David Hudaly
James Hull
Judith Husband
Gertrude Huss
Ian Jackson
Tony Jacobs
Ken James
Cathy Jameson
Gareth Jenkins
Stuart Johnston
Les Jones
Steve Jones
Dipak Joshi
Krishan Joshi
Vinod Joshi
Arjun Kachhala
Zaki Kanaan
Liz Kay
Chris Kettler
Wakkas Khan
Bob Khanna
Fazeela Khan-Osborne
Tony Kilcoyne
George Kirtley
David Klaff
Nigel Knott
Peter Kurer
Russ Ladwa
Laurence Lando
John Langford
Payman Langroudi
Andrew Lansley
Nick Ledingham
Roger Levin
Kevin Lewis
Philip Lewis
John Lowry
Chris Lucas
Paddi Lund
Brian Lux
Edward Lynch
Anoop Maini
Stanley Malamed
Amjad Malik
Moona Malik
Tidu Mankoo
Mike Martin 
Roger Matthews
Martin Mayhew
Rob McAndrew
Angie McBain
Ian McIntyre
Paul Mendlesohn
Martin Mills
John Milne
Anne Milton
Sia Mirfendereski
Carl Misch
Basil Mizrahi
Steve Moulder
Richard Mounce
Mike Mulcahy
Ross Nash
Ian Needleman
Jamie Newlands
Philip Newsome
Tim Newton
Hien Ngo
David Nicholson
Martin Nimmo
Michael Norton
Kevin O’Brien
Mike O’Brien
Christopher Orr
Siobhan Owen
Ashish Parmar
Nilesh Parmar
Amit Patel
Ellis Paul
Ian Peace
Keith Pearson
Matthew Perkins
Julian Perry
David Phillips
Shameek Popat
Stephen Porter
Barry Posner
Chris Potts
Melonie Prebble
Geoff Pullen
Tif Qureshi
Attiq Rahman
Raj Rattan
Omer Reed
Tony Reed
Juliette Reeves
John Renshaw
Joe Rich
Nigel Risner
Ron Ritsco
Shona Robison
Derry Rogers
Kevin Rose
Larry Rosenthal
Margaret Ross
Gary Rowland
Nicki Rowland
Clifford Ruddle
James Russell
Susie Sanderson
Jonathan Sandler
Nigel Saynor
Edwin Scher
Brian Schottlander
Crispian Scully
Lloyd Searson
Gurs Sehmi
Derek Setchell
Ashok Sethi
Margaret Seward
Seema Sharma
Harry Shiers
Harris Sidelsky
Amolak Singh
Nik Sisodia
Quentin Skinner
Mabel Slater
Jason Smithson
Kish Soneji
Frank Spear
Howard Stean
Jimmy Steele
Chris Stock
Paul Stone
Nicola Sturgeon
Alan Suggett
Joe Sullivan
Pam Swain
Russell Tant
Dennis Tarnow
Hilt Tatum
Jill Taylor
Margie Taylor
Peter Thompson
Stuart Thompson
John Tiernan
Paul Tipton
Bernard Touati
Martin Trope
Skip Truitt
Andrea Ubhi
Cemal Ucer
Lorenzo Vanini
Amit Varsani 
Manny Vasant
Monik Vasant
Sunita Verma
Damien Walmsley
Lynn Walters
Mike Warburton
Peter Ward
Gordon Watkins
Derek Watson
Jerry Watson
Michael Watson
Tim Watson
Julian Webber
John Whitworth
Mark Willings
Derrick Willmot
David Wilson
Nairn Wilson
David Winkler
Michael Wise
Ian Wood
Michael Zybutz
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Deadline: 8 March 2013

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