New help for dental phobics


A dental clinic plans to link up with a hospital to help dental patient who fear the dentist.
Queensway Dental Clinic in Billingham, Teesside, has announced a new partnership with the University Hospital of Hartlepool which will enable the clinic to provide a new general anaesthetic (GA) service for adults with severe dental phobia.
This new service is thought to be a first for the north east.
The GA service will be provided on a private basis for patients for which other methods such as conscious sedation are inappropriate.
Dr  Paul Averley, managing partner at Queensway Dental Clinic, said: 'For the treatment of a vast majority of adult patients at Queensway who may be anxious or nervous about their dental procedure, we have a full range of facilities on hand, together with highly qualified staff members who are able to assess a patient’s needs, treating them on-site with whichever service is deemed most appropriate, such as conscious sedation.
'However, as you will be well aware, there are a small number of people whose phobia of the dentist is so severe that they haven’t attended check-ups nor had their dental issues attended to for many years, sometimes even decades, resulting in substantial oral health issues. It is for these patients for which all other pain and anxiety control methods have been exhausted, that we have introduced this general anaesthetic service.
“Prior to the introduction of our new service there was almost no provision in place in the north east of England for adults suffering from very severe dental fears. We are delighted that by working with the University Hospital of Hartlepool, we are now able to help these adults.'
He added: 'We are also happy to work with fellow dental practitioners across the country on a referral basis, should they have patients who would benefit from this service. We are working with a local hotel to offer preferential room rates and are happy to discuss travel and accommodation with patients. As we have specialists in oral surgery and orthodontics and dentists with a special interest in periodontics and endodontics, together with many years’ of experience in dental implants, we already work closely with dental practices in the north east on a referral basis.'
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