A step closer to a paperless future

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt recently announced plans that the NHS will ‘go paperless’ by 2018, with the aim of saving money and improving services. This announcement comes at the same time as the release of a Department of Health commissioned study, confirming that better use of technology in the NHS, such as digital text messaging and electronic patient records, will play an important role in increasing efficiency for the benefit of patients and staff.*

This pledge to secure a digital data future within the healthcare sector comes as Software of Excellence prepares the roll-out of EXACT v11, which provides solutions in many of the areas pinpointed by the health secretary.

Built on the experience and knowledge gained through working with practices, EXACT v11 takes practice management to a new level, concentrating on delivering profitability through improving practice efficiency and streamlining administrative duties.

Text messaging is already recognised as the most effective method of recalling patients. Now with innovations such as SMS Replies, the recall process can be 100% electronic, with little need for manual intervention, freeing up time so that reception staff can deliver exceptional levels of patient care.

With over 45% of the UK adult population now owning a smartphone, there is an increasing need for dentists to employ communications that engage with patients through a medium of their choice. Those practices that embrace these techniques will ensure they are best positioned to take advantage of all future opportunities.

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