The opportunity of a lifetime

In partnership with the Dentistry Show, Bridge2Aid is offering all dental professionals the opportunity to win the experience of a lifetime with a sponsored place on their Dental Volunteer Programme (DVP).

Founded as a response to the devastating effects of dental disease in developing nations and the consequences of thousands of people living in pain for several months, often years, in East Africa, Bridge2Aid developed DVP as a model of ethical, responsible and sustainable volunteering.

Working in partnership with the Tanzanian Government, dental professionals travel to East Africa for 14 days on DVP and invest their time and skills to train local healthcare workers in emergency dentistry.

Post DVP, successful healthcare workers are provided with a complete instrument kit in order to safely deliver emergency dentistry in their communities.Β  With 75% of the world’s population living without access to a Dentist, the sustainability element of DVP means that an incredible 2 million people living in rural Tanzania now have access to emergency dentistry because of DVP.

For your chance to win a sponsored place on B2A’s Dental Volunteer Programme and spend two weeks in East Africa making a lasting change for thousands, please visit

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