Dentist struck off for ‘patient confidentiality’ breaches

The allegations heard by the GDC’s Professional Conduct Committee are in connection with an incident that occurred in September 2011 when Seyedjalal Mirhaghgoy-Jalali was applying to join a dental performers list within the Staffordshire cluster of Primary Care Trusts (PCTs).

In making the application it was found proved that Mr Jalali had failed to declare that:

• He had previously been contingently* removed from the dental performers list for both Sandwell PCT and Powys Local Health Board

• He had previously been subject to a GDC investigation where the outcome was adverse

• His professional conduct was, at the time, again being investigated by the GDC

In considering this case, the Committee took into account that Mr Jalali has shown no inclination to engage with the GDC since May 2012 and the Committee found no evidence that he had attempted to remedy his behaviour.

In the past two and a half years, Mr Jalali has been the subject of both a Professional Performance Committee hearing and a Professional Conduct Committee hearing at the GDC.

In addition, Mr Jalali has a history of difficulties with two PCTs and a Local Health Board.

The Committee felt this pointed to a reluctance to recognise deficiencies in his performance and conduct and to take steps to bring his practice up to expected standards. The Committee was not satisfied that, presented with a similar set of circumstances in the future, Mr Jalali would not repeat this behaviour.

In the circumstances, the Committee determined to maintain the standards of the dental profession and public confidence in it, was that of erasure.

Mr Jalali’s registration was immediately suspended.

* ‘Contingently’ removed from a PCT performers list means the decision can be reversed if the person concerned complies with certain conditions set for them/corrects their mistakes.

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