A new direction

Philips Sonicare and Philips Zoom are taking the ‘out with the old, in with the new’ saying to the nth degree as we launch into 2013.

By creating a fresh direct sales operation, the company is looking to enable – and empower – dental professionals to obtain all their oral health and EU-compliant tooth-whitening products direct from them for the first time.  

In the past, dental professionals have accessed education, training, lunch and learns and support direct from Philips – but not its products. Now, due to a mountain of requests to add a sales operation to its long list of services, it has now set one up.

Carina Leney, professional marketing manager for Sonicare and Zoom, explains: ‘The decision came about because we looked at where we wanted to take Philips Oral Health Care and how best to get the oral health message to our dental professionals. What we wanted was to offer a fully operational feet on the street approach and we certainly can do this with our highly trained internal sales team and territory business managers.’

She explains: ‘This is where dentistry is heading and we can encourage our dental professionals to work with our teams for the benefit of everyone.

‘Also, our complementary educational programme illustrates our commitment to investment in our dental professionals and, as we work closely with our key opinion leaders, we feel we are making the right decision at the right time in offering this service.’

Oral care for life
Philips Sonicare prides itself on providing oral care for life and its products reflect this approach, as does the company’s resource for education and clinical knowledge.
Carina says: ‘We can only offer this by going direct. Our dental professionals want to receive more from us. For example, we can discuss dispensing and you can only get this from a trained team set up to immediately respond. We are launching this month and Philips then plans to roll it out on a larger scale.’

Centre point
The benefits of the new approach are manifold; by creating a centre point for all Philips oral hygiene and tooth-whitening products, dental professionals now only need one point of contact for all their product needs.  

This also means that the company can offer improved prices as well as being able to present monthly and seasonal promotions.

And the extras?
Dental professionals will also be able to take advantage of professional trial offers and will be the first to be notified about new products, accessories and enhancements, which they can then buy immediately.

• Educational benefits
• Clinical knowledge
• Lectures
• Lunch and learns
• Sonicare and Zoom

Shopping list
• Philips Sonicare
• Philips AirFloss
• Whitening
• Take home whitening
• Free shipping (limited trial period only)
• Local reps in practice
• Team of trained experts
• Marketing support
• Literature for waiting rooms
• Offers
• Specific promotions
• Trade shows
• Practice builders
• Practical and clinical support
• Content for waiting room videos
• A suite of literature encompassing both brands

For more information, call 0800 0567 222. When placing your first direct order, the Philips sales team will register your details and set up an account. After this, you can liaise directly with your own sales team member who can track your order directly.


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