Whitening golden ticket up for grabs!

Every day, one lucky parcel will have a golden ticket inside – and this will entitle that customer to a free Opalescence kit 10% CP regular flavour. 
All they have to do is claim their prize within 28 days.

The prize will be chosen at random – the 50th order of the day will be the lucky winner.

All of Optident’s tooth-whitening products are fully compliant with the new European regulations.

Look out for tweets @optidentltd and #whitedoneright, Facebook posts – www.facebook.com/OptidentLtd.
Plus, once a quarter there will be a Platinum Ticket in one of the parcels… the first of these prizes is a Luxury Ultradent Hamper worth @ £1500 … Optident will personally deliver the prize to the lucky winning practice.  Good Luck!

Opalescence tooth whitening gels are the only sustained release products on the market and are available in both 10% and 16% carbamide peroxide and Treswhite Supreme pre loaded trays with 6% Hydrogen Peroxide for immediate use and ideal as top ups or quick starts.

Opalescence whitening gels have a high water content to prevent dehydration and a neutral pH making them kind to teeth. Opalescence also contains PF which is a unique formula reducing sensitivity and preventing caries**

Order your Opalescence kits today and ask about Optident’s introductory offers.

Bound by the terms and conditions. No purchase necessary. For full details of terms and conditions, visit www.optident.co.uk e&o

*Terms and conditions apply

**Studies available.

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