Lead-generating mobile app

Leadfeeders is excited to announce the UK launch of Smileme, a smile-simulating mobile app that generates leads for partnering dentists. The app is available both in the iTunes App Store as well as Google Play.

Leadfeeders, a Remedent subsidiary, has two objectives: to get people excited about cosmetic dentistry as well as generate leads for partnering dentists. Leadfeeders is convinced that the best way to achieve its goals is through the development and promotion of trendy mobile applications.

Smileme is a free smile-simulating mobile app that allows users to see for themselves what they would look like after a whitening treatment or complete smile makeover. Thanks to Smileme, people can discover, within seconds, how cosmetic dentistry could improve their smiles and lives.

In short, Smileme gets people instantly excited about cosmetic dentistry and redirects them to a dentist in their area that provides such treatments.

Visit www.smileme.mobi to download the free smile-simulating mobile app!


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