High quality, high speed

The new Ultraclean 3 range brings the same high quality at the Ultraclean II, with the additional advantages of faster cycle times – including a 35-minute ‘quick cycle’.

Available in bench-top or under-bench models, the Ultraclean 3 features a glass viewing panel and interior chamber illumination, as well as:

  • A high load capacity – for cost effective cleaning
  • Three cycles – for maximum efficiency in use
  • Forced hot air drying removes moisture on instruments making them sterilisation-ready for the autoclave
  • Self-dosing detergent delivers consistent results, reduces waste and costs less per cycle
  • Optional data logger or printer for easy, recordable data.

Supplied with a 12-month warranty, service is carried out by Prestige Medical engineers and the Ultraclean 3 comes with installation, commissioning and user training free of charge as standard.

*Excludes NP143 variant Scotland only.

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