The gift that keeps on giving

A thoughtful gift bought for a loved one or the ideal present on your own Christmas wish list, the impact of the Bridge2Aid gift card will continue long after Christmas day has been and gone.

Each denomination results in a specific purchase or covering of costs that will benefit people in the Bridge2Aid community:

• £10 buys one head lamp for a Clinical Officer, who often has to work without electricity.
• £15 pays for kerosene, needed to run the pressure cookers employed to sterilise dental equipment.
• £20 provides oral health education packs for six Clinical Officers, used to raise awareness of good oral health in rural communities.
• £35 purchases training materials and resources for six Clinical Officers, for use before, during and after participation in Bridge2Aid’s practical Dental Training Programme.
• £60 pays for an instrument kit, to be donated to a Clinical Officer once training is completed.
• £125 covers cover the costs of one post-training visit by a Bridge2Aid team member to a District Dental Officer and a Clinical Officer to ensure that they are working in a safe way.

To purchase a gift card or for further information, please email Kerry Dutton at [email protected]


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