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Structur 3 is for the fabrication of provisional crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers and temporary posts, as well as long-term temporaries. Long-term temporaries can also be constructed using Structur 3. An additional indication is the lining of pre-fabricated provisional crowns made from composite material, polycarbonate or metal. Structur 3 possesses extraordinary stability and highly aesthetic properties and is as quick as it is easy to process. Thanks to its 1:1 mixing system Structur 3 can be applied into the impression without mixing errors and in a time-saving manner. Structur 3 is self curing and has excellent stability and aesthetic properties. The intraoral setting time is 45 seconds and it sets completely in four minutes.

The Grandioso inlay system set makes 15 indirect composite inlays chairside. The composite inlay is created extraorally and the restoration is inserted in just one sitting.

Rebilda post system is the complete endodontic set with fibre-reinforced composite endodontic posts. The radiopaque, translucent Rebilda post with dentine-like elasticity yields a durable, highly aesthetic and metal-free restoration. Rebilda Post is available in four sizes (1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm) with the corresponding drills. The set comes with 20 endodontic posts of all sizes from 1 October until 31 March.

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