Enlighten’s bleaching light buy back

If you feel you no longer need your bleaching light due to the new legislation – which states that whitening products should not release or contain more than 6% hydrogen peroxide (18% carbamide peroxide) – Enlighten will pick it up from your practice, free of charge.

Clinical director at Enlighten Smiles, Payman Langroudi, said:

I don’t think that dentists who continue to use higher concentration systems are putting patients at risk. But I do think they will be putting themselves at risk, as both the GDC and theindemnity organisations have toughened their stance. Dentists who continue to use higher concentration systems will have to prove that they broke the law in the patient’s best interest. This is not so easy to do anymore when there are perfectly good legal alternatives available.

‘Because many higher concentration systems, which use bleaching lights, are now illegal, Enlighten will buy back these lamps to help practices ensure they don’t fall foul of the new legislation. Some may decide to keep their floor-standing bleaching lights in case a 6% product comes out that they feel a light will enhance. However, others may feel the lights have lost any lustre they may have added, as soon as beauticians started using them.’


To take advantage of the ‘Bleaching Buy Back Programme’, send your bleaching lights to Enlighten today. For more information, visit www.enlightensmiles.com/buy-back

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