Christmas boost for tooth whitening

According to retail sales analysts, purchases jump by 25% at Christmas and retail growth overall sees its biggest boost of the year. 

It is also the time of the year when more sales of small household electrical goods are made than any other.  

Meanwhile, dental research shows a rise in patient demand for tooth whitening in the festive season.

This presents dental practices with an opportunity to capitalise on the busiest shopping months to increase their retailing.                              
This year’s festive offering from Philips is a dual AirFloss and Sonicare HealthyWhite power pack which offers patients (and their family and friends) the potential of both cleaner and whiter teeth in combination.

The pack is accompanied by a ‘Gifts They’ll Love’ point of sale tag which to highlight its potential as the perfect Christmas present.                                      

Deep and white and even
AirFloss – which dental professionals have called a ‘game changer’ because it has such intrinsic clinical benefits – shoots a jet of air laden with water (or mouthwash) to clean deep between the teeth making it much easier to remove plaque bacteria – and can get between every tooth in a minute.

This BDHF-accredited and multi award winning interdental cleaning device has shown how technology can be harnessed for the good to help those who struggle to floss. 

While the Sonicare HealthyWhite features dedicated whitening mode which makes it possible to remove extrinsic stains, resulting in a brighter, whiter smile.

This celebrated sonic toothbrush has a special extended 30 seconds setting which is so effective users can lighten their teeth by two shades in just two week1 and ensure that every quadrant of the mouth is expertly cleaned in the process.

The combo pack has a high street value of £200 and is available from the beginning November for the price of £99, making it the most desirable Xmas double act since Morecome and Wise. 

To find out how to obtain the dual pack, please call 0800 0567 222 or speak to your local representative.
1 Data on file.  Master A, Jenkins W, Putt M, Milleman J, Wei J, Strate J.

2 The AirFloss and Sonicare Healthy White costs £99.00 including VAT and have a combined retail value of £200 when the products are not on special offer

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