Don’t dry up

Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare (GSK), the makers of Biotène range of products, is sponsoring a lecture at the annual BSDHT conference next month to raise awareness of xerostomia.

Developed by dental hygienist Rhiannon Jones, the presentation aims to cover both the prevalence and causes of the condition. Rhiannon will give insight into the impact on the patient and the role of the dental hygienist and therapist in discussing the condition and making simple suggestions to improve quality of life.

The Biotène range has been developed specifically for people with dry mouth and can be recommended for daily use. Biotène Oralbalance saliva replacement gel offers patients long-lasting dry mouth relief. Biotène moisturising mouthwash and Biotène fluoride toothpaste offer gentle hygiene for dry mouths and are free from sodium lauryl sulfate.

The lecture will take place on Friday the 9 November 2012 at 09.15 and 14.15 at the ACC, Liverpool.

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