Dentists top ‘good service’ poll

Dentists offer the best customer service of any profession.

That’s according to a recent poll which reveals 47% of people rating them highly.

In the study of 1,000 UK consumers by customer service training firm, Results International, 47% of people said they think dentists have a good customer service attitude compared with just 27% who voted for doctors and 30% for waiters.

Bar staff were only rated by one in five (20%) and gym staff were at the bottom of the survey with only 9% of the vote for good service.

Hotel receptionists and hairdressers performed well in the customer service stakes, receiving nominations from 39% of people. Other groups more likely to be noted for poor customer service than for good included police, hospital staff, general shop assistants, post office staff and council workers. The last were voted for by a whopping 40% as having a bad customer service attitude.

Some high-pressure professions such as police, hospital personnel and, to an extent, council workers, may well be bound up in red tape that prevents them from being more service-orientated.

Paul Stephenson, managing director of Results International, believes cuts in staff training or numbers ‘are always felt by the customer’.

Results International’s report, Is Your Customer Service World Class?, was published last month. The opinions of 1,000 consumers, drawn from the whole of the UK and 82 business directors/senior personnel, representing a mix of industry sectors, were surveyed by online questionnaire in early June.


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