Countdown to CPD deadline begins in earnest for thousands of DCPs

With less than a year to go until the end of the first five year cycle of continuing professional development (CPD) for tens of thousands of dental care professionals (DCPs), the General Dental Council (GDC) is urging employers to ensure their dental team know exactly what’s expected of them.

On 31 July 2013 more than 40,000 DCPs will reach the end of their first CPD cycle. This means they must complete 150 hours of CPD by 31 July 2013 or risk losing their registration with the GDC.

To help highlight the importance of remembering the deadline the GDC has produced some posters for use in the workplace. They can be downloaded from the GDC’s website

Full details of the types of CPD the GDC expects registrants to complete can be found online at

Who’s logged what?  

• 12,700 (32%) DCPs have logged all of their hours (including 50 hours of verifiable CPD)

• 4,600 (12%) DCPs have logged no hours

• Dental technicians are the least likely to have logged any hours – 23% having not yet declared any.


Who does the deadline affect?

A CPD cycle for DCPs starts on 1 August after they register. Cycle dates can be worked out using the table below:


When did you register?

Your 1st CPD cycle start date

Your cycle ends

On or after 1 August 2011

01 August 2012

31 July 2017

Between 1 August 2010 and

01 August 2011

31 July 2016

Between 1 August 2009 and

01 August 2010

31 July 2015

Between 1 August 2008 and

01 August 2009

31 July 2014

On or before 31 July 2008

01 August 2008

31 July 2013

A quick and easy way for DCPs to log their CPD hours is to use eGDC. Details of how to set up an account can be found at

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