Changing dentistry with Heart Your Smile

It’s been a busy few months for Heart Your Smile since its launch at the BDTA in October 2011.
Since then the campaign has gone on to engage and inspire large numbers of dental professionals through its active presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In addition, the initiative has already made an impact on events in 2012 such as the Dentistry Show, the British Dental Students Association conference and the BDA conference last week by inviting attendees to sign the Heart Your Smile 9 habits manifesto* and to wear the campaign’s logo badge on a daily basis.

‘What’s been wonderful is how the dental trade has supported us in the campaign, whether it’s through donations, giving us free exhibition stands, or organising fun marketing material,’ said James Goolnik, one of the founder members.

Another development for the campaign has been engaging and working with dental students from around the UK.

‘Dental students are our future dentists – I couldn’t think of a better way to ensure the prosperity of our profession by connecting with this group and getting them involved with Heart Your Smile,’ said Seema Sharma, another founder member.

At every event where the campaign exhibits you will find a team of smiling dental students wearing Heart Your Smile t-shirts, ready to tell attendees about the project and how they can get involved.

The campaign has big plans for the future, which will include community focused projects to raise oral health awareness while raising the profile of dentistry in the patient community.

The campaign’s new website, which includes useful information for dental professionals about working with Heart Your Smile, was also launched at the BDA.

‘We also have some lovely limited-edition heart-shaped mugs that we are giving to any dental professional who submits photo or video evidence that demonstrates or depicts one of the 9 habits,’ explained founder member, Simon Gambold.

‘It’s been fantastic to see how dental professionals have taken the Heart Your Smile message into their practices and turned it into a living and breathing campaign,’ added Marita MacDonald.

Heart Your Smile is not affiliated with any one company, individual or organisation and is the initiative of a number of people working within the dental profession who are looking to plant the seeds of change for a more positive future outlook.

*Download the 9 habits manifesto when you Like the Heart Your Smile Facebook page

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Twitter: @heart_yoursmile

YouTube: heartyoursmile

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