Dental clinic warns of ‘rogue trader’ danger

A dental clinic is working to make patients aware of rogue practitioners operating within the world of dental aesthetics.

Queensway Dental Clinic, which offers non-surgical aesthetic treatments from its practices in Billingham and Darlington, is lobbying to make the public aware of the dangers.
It follows a clampdown from professional bodies such as the Royal College of Nursing, which ensures that only qualified practitioners whom agree to strict protocols and codes of conduct can be insured and the introduction of the Treatments You Can Trust (TYCT) register in 2010.

This is backed by an online register of practitioners who are medically certified to administer injectable cosmetic treatments such as botulinum toxin and fillers.

Queensway Dental Clinic is stressing the importance of thorough research and reiterating the key message that visiting a rogue practitioner who has no insurance is dangerous for patients, as they have no protection before, during and after treatment.
Those people seeking a cheaper alternative or those who simply haven’t researched
their practitioner thoroughly are already suffering across the region.

Queensway Dental Clinic’s qualified team have had to correct a number of treatments as a result of procedures being performed by untrained individuals promoting themselves as qualified practitioners.
Botched non-surgical procedures are one of the biggest offenders.
Rebecca Hierons, a specialist oral surgeon with a special interest in facial aesthetics at Queensway Dental Clinic, said: ‘Facial aesthetics are medical treatments and as such involve certain risks. Therefore we firmly believe that you should not be able to provide this service without thorough education, training and experience. There are cowboys in every industry, but in this case it can seriously compromise the health and safety of the patient.
‘Non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as botulinum toxin and fillers have been practised successfully for many years by trained professionals in a safe environment. But rogue practitioners are threatening the reputation of the industry and more importantly may harm those patients who are relying on their supposed expertise. Astonishingly, people are still willing to accept a medical procedure in their own home or at a party.
‘The number of people opting for aesthetic treatments shows just how safe and effective procedures are when administered by trained practitioners. Selecting a practitioner is a very important choice and I recommend that anyone thinking of having an aesthetic treatment researches it thoroughly and meets with a reputable professional for advice before making any decisions. Cost should never come before safety and peace of mind.’

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