Dental training and networking opportunities

Choosing EXACT from Software of Excellence not only exposes you to a fully integrated business solution, but also opens the door to a wealth of practice management expertise designed to help you achieve a level of proficiency that makes EXACT an indispensable extension of your practice team.
With over 15 years’ experience, Software of Excellence’s team of training professionals delivers customised training schools and training days that cover a variety of topics designed to help you get more from EXACT™.

Training Schools are designed for Practice Managers or anyone with reporting responsibilities and qualify for verifiable CPD – those without registration are presented with certificates for their personal development.

A full programme of Training Schools is available throughout the UK and Ireland during 2012 which provides a great opportunity to learn more about the reporting capabilities of EXACT™ ensuring your practice is using the software to its full potential.
Training Days are customised in-practice training sessions designed at your request to meet the specific requirements of you and your team. The focus is very much on predetermined topics that you feel will be of most use in your individual environment. Conducted within the comfort of your own practice, training can be either one or two days depending on need.

To find out more about SoE’s training schools and training days call 0800 328 6227 or visit

Training Schools Spring and Summer Programme 2012
                                                      EXACT™ Reporting                                                Advanced EXACT™ Reporting
Milton Keynes                     Thursday 29th March 2012                            Friday 30th March 2012
Liverpool                                Thursday 19th April 2012                                Friday 20th April 2012
Southampton                      Wednesday 25th April 2012                         Thursday 26th April 2012
Derby                                        Thursday 17th May 2012                                 Friday 18th May 2012
London                                                       Thursday 24th May 2012                                 Friday 25th May 2012
                                                      Thursday 5th July 2012                                                       Friday 6th July 2012
Cardiff                                       Thursday 14th June 2012                                Friday 15th June 2012
Leeds                                        Thursday 21st June 2012                                Friday 22nd June 2012
Glasgow                                  Wednesday 27th June 2012                         Thursday 28th June 2012
Lisburn                                                       Wednesday 11th July 2012                           Thursday 12th July 2012
Dublin                                       Wednesday 18th July 2012                           Thursday 19th July 2012

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