Colgate’s Healthy Mouth Challenge

Colgate is challenging the nation to take its ‘Healthy mouth challenge’.

Colgate aims to increase consumer awareness about oral health.

The short, interactive quiz covers everything from teeth and gums, sensitive teeth and smile confidence, to fresh breath and whitening, providing advice and guidance. Once complete, the quiz will give a guide on the condition of their oral health.

Dentists can protect their patients from the most common dental problems by recommending Colgate Total toothpaste.

The new and improved Colgate Total continues to provide superior plaque reduction for better gingival health. In addition, it protects sensitive teeth by sealing exposed open dentine tubules, is more effective at reducing supra-gingival calculus build up, and has improved stain removal properties.

Colgate Total also contains 1450ppm sodium fluoride providing maximum caries control and protection against enamel erosion.

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