ANKYLOS works for dentists and patients

The number of dental patients being treated with ANKYLOS implants continues to grow, seemingly unimpeded by the prevailing economic conditions.

Some dentists have switched from other systems.  Existing users are experiencing growth in case referrals, with more GDPs completing the restorative phase.  Direct patient enquiries have also increased via
Dentists find that ANKYLOS works for their patients and their practice.

Dr Nigel Saynor, one of Europe’s leading ambassadors for implant dentistry, consistently achieves predictable outcomes.  During more than ten years placing thousands of ANKYLOS® implants, he has experienced ‘hardly any cases of periimplantitis and a tiny fraction of the incidence reported for implant systems in general’.

Nigel explains, ‘Biologically, it is one of the best designed implant systems available, because of the conical taper connection. Outstanding aesthetic results are achievable due to the soft tissue response.’
For nearly a quarter of a century, ANKYLOS has helped dental professionals recreate beautifully natural smiles.

The system enables them to replace missing teeth with long-lasting restorations that look and function just like the real thing.  But, this is only half the story. Healthy bone and gums around the implant are essential for its long-term stability and sustained natural appearance.  The two-piece design allows the implant to be located to provide the strongest possible foundation, as well as achieving the optimum orientation for the restoration on top, be it crown, bridge or denture.
The lasting, natural aesthetics and long-term stability of restorations supported by ANKYLOS implants result from the strength and integrity of the TissueCare Connection.

The conical taper connection between the implant and the abutment is so tight they become effectively a single unit. Dr Andrew Moore of Advance Implant Clinic believes, ‘ANKYLOS has the best implant-abutment connection on the market.  The conical taper provides a bacteria-tight seal which increases long-term bone level stability, maintaining the soft tissue profile around the implant.’
The avoidance of both microbial and mechanical irritation underpins the long-term health of the surrounding bone and soft tissue.  Dr Dermot McNulty of Bath Spa Dentistry says, “Based on my personal experience, I have no doubt that the ANKYLOS system contributes to the retention of bone around the implant. It has a very stable connection, which prevents bacterial contamination. In terms of clinical outcomes, the results are very predictable.”
Restoring ANKYLOS implants is simple, with a unique choice of indexed and non-indexed prosthetic components.  General dental practitioners can become directly involved, through restoration of straightforward implant cases placed by their surgical partner.  Dr Manny Vasant of MK Vasant and Associates believes ANKYLOS to be ‘one of the most flexible systems. It is very simple to restore. This gives referring practitioners ownership of the finished case’.
‘R£LAX’ training events are held at venues across the UK to show dentists just how easy and profitable implant restoration can be.  Attendees gain more confidence to speak with authority about this treatment option to their patients.  The FREE package includes three hours CPD and a mini prosthetics kit to restore the first case.

To find the nearest local event, the full programme is available online within the dentists’ zone at
In addition, the postgraduate education programme, promoted by DENTSPLY Friadent, offers training opportunities for the whole dental team. There are courses to help general dental practitioners begin restoring cases for their own patients, comprehensive training in implant placement and live hands-on advanced surgical courses for experienced clinicians.  The course programme is supported by direct learning online, a network of experienced mentors and international events such as next year’s World Symposium in Hamburg.
DENTSPLY Friadent is a leader in the development of the UK dental implantology business.  Mark Haswell concludes that the company, “provides very good support and they are more proactive in promoting restoration training.  We seem to be travelling in the same direction, clinically and commercially.”  Its marketing campaigns relentlessly exploit a wide range of online and traditional media to help its customers increase their business by treating more implant patients and increasing case referrals.

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