On the other side of the desk

While in a tight labour market interviewees are being bombarded with advice, there is less help available for those on the other side of the desk.

Every employer, in dentistry as in any other industry, knows from the outset the skill set and or experience he or she is hoping to identify in a potential employee.

The question is how to determine whether the candidate possesses the required attributes in the brief space of time allotted to the average interview.
First impressions

It’s important not to be swayed by appearances in the first few seconds.

Only be keeping an open mind and allowing candidates to express themselves throughout the course of the interview is it possible to form an objective opinion of their suitability for the position(s) on offer.

However, a neutral approach does not need to be intimidating; candidates should be made to feel welcome, as a relaxed atmosphere will encourage them to fully showcase their skills, personality and abilities.  
Questions and responses
Asking broad questions offers the candidates opportunities to describe their previous experience(s) in greater detail, and detail can be significant when making the final choice.

Listen carefully, and if there are numerous applicants take brief notes for later reference.
The value of waiting for the answer
Job applicants are very often nervous and may become tongue tied if they feel under pressure to answer a particular question.

Allowing a brief, sympathetic silence gives them time to assemble their thoughts, or else after a suitable pause the question can be re-phrased. It’s tempting, and a natural response, for the interviewer to fill the gap instead, but this is counter-productive.

The more the interviewer talks, the less the interviewee will reveal.
Be well prepared
Engaging a new member of staff is the ideal moment to review the job description.

To select the best candidate, the employer needs to have a thorough, up-to-date understanding of all the duties involved. As well as preparing broad questions to invite general responses, the answers to specific enquiries, for example ‘how would you deal, with a frightened child?,’ can be equally revealing.
Investing some time in preparing for the selection process is sound economics, as it greatly increases the likelihood of engaging the most suitable applicant.

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