44 per cent of phone calls fail to reach practice team

New research reveals the alarming truth about the numbers of practices who greet patients with an answering machine, an engaged tone, or even worse, they simply leave the phone to ring.

The research was conducted by independent market research company Converso as part of a Software of Excellence customer satisfaction survey and these statistics were a by-product of the original project.

Researchers discovered that of the 3,557 dial-outs made over a 128-hour period, they reached 718 answer machines, 630 busy signals and 202 no answers, which equates to a staggering 44% of all attempted calls.

These statistics highlight a frightening fact that even in today’s prevailing tough economic conditions, many practices are failing to maximise opportunities and are failing to meet even the most basic demands of their patients.

Product manager at Software of Excellence, Faith Jenkin, says: ‘It is remarkable that in the current economic climate practices still either do not have the resource to answer all their calls, or are closing their practice at lunchtime and consequently turning away prospective business.’

For more information on Software of Excellence, visit www.soeidental.com.

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