Dentistry focus: Dynamic leader wanted

Excellent leaders create balanced and dynamic teams. They set high but realistic performance goals for themselves and their teams.

In practice, they strive to improve operations and procedures and encourage excellence in all areas; whether it be continuity of care, clinical expertise, customer service or day-to-day operations.

From my own personal experience, I learned that understanding the concepts of comprehensive care and our practice philosophy lead me to expanding my knowledge and understanding of restorative dentistry, occlusion and aesthetics, moving me to another platform.

I really understood and was able to provide patients with more information about their oral condition and procedures that we offered. Led by my manager, I really felt like an essential cog in the wheel.

A key performance team is led towards total quality by constant improvement. Each team member has a full understanding of the strategy to uphold and develop the vision, mission and direction.

Their leader ensures motivation, empowerment and encourages continual growth through coaching. They create the vital process’ that make the practice run.

Great communication skills
A successful runner has a running coach. The principle is just the same for leaders. You learn better leadership skills through coaching and further develop those skills by coaching your team.

An effective leader shows great communication skills, gives feedback, delegates, motivates and, has a genuine desire to develop people. They strive to create a balanced team, and understand individual personalities and motivators.

A finely tuned dental team or key performance team is a group of like-minded individuals with strong purpose and leadership. They are ready and able, innovative and creative. They are forward thinking and clearly know – and understand – their common goals.

A key performance team is an empowered, ever-growing group of individuals offering a comprehensive dental service. We have long moved away from segmented dental care. Each and every role within the team is becoming more challenging and recognised. An effective leader looks for those challenges and creates the growth potential of each team member.

• Have clear goal-setting criteria
• Develop and move forwards with a unified vision
• Listen to all team members
• Be coached and coach others
• Look for delegation opportunity
• Recognise and appreciate individuals and team success and effort
• Create a feedback system, give and be prepared to receive feedback

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