Baby boomers and their desire to look young

As Millennials, Generation X-ers and their boomer parents navigate life’s stages, one similarity bonds them together.

They want to look younger and improve their health.

Harris Poll findings, cosmetic industry revenues and the photo gallery on show evidence of this universal desire to look and feel the very best each day.

While economic woes have impacted Americans, interest in cosmetic procedures has not waned, a recent Harris Poll indicated. Sixty-nine percent of the respondents to a marketing survey by the noted research firm said they would opt for cosmetic work if finances allowed – up 15% from statistics gathered in 2009. Teeth whitening was the procedure of choice.

‘I’m not surprised that a brighter smile is on the top of people’s wish list,’ said Dr Sam Muslin, whose work has been featured on the US Emmy-winning TV show The Doctors and TLC’s 10 Years Younger and in the Wall Street Journal.

Dr Muslin, who has more than 30 years of cosmetic reconstruction experience, has trademarked his Face Lift Dentistry approach, which is designed to achieve the very best facial support and a youthful smile, while maximising the dental health of the patient.

In just a few hours, all old restorations are removed and any decay or dental infection are treated.

Tooth height is restored with a new protective layer of porcelain bonded to aging teeth. Gaps between teeth are closed and discolored teeth are brightened with ultra-thin hand-crafted veneers. All the restorative materials are biologically and aesthetically compatible, transforming patients’ faces with a healthier and more youthful appearance.

Evidence of Dr Muslin’s Anti-Aging dentistry is prominently displayed in his office and on his website.

‘Anti-aging dentistry changes your bite,’ said Dr Muslin. ‘We remove all the old fillings and crowns, and then we restore the mouth and any lost facial height. The new teeth support the lips and the face, and the results are stunning. Afterward, the teeth are significantly healthier. The new bite will be in harmony with the jaw joint, and that translates into a lifestyle enhancement for my patients.’

As people age, the face slowly begins to collapse, explains Dr Muslin, a master of the Academy of General Dentistry. Teeth wear down and the bite gets worse. Face length shortens, changing the profile and giving the appearance of advancing age.

‘Wrinkles become more pronounced, and the everyday expression takes on a grumpy appearance,’ says Dr Muslin.

‘Jaw joint problems may arise from this misalignment, along with telltale headaches, jaw pain, thin lips, shortened faces and smaller looking jaws.

‘By rebuilding the bite back to the level it was when the patient was young, we can turn back the clock,’ says Dr Muslin.

‘The patient will appear years younger because the face will be longer. The lips are fuller, and the age lines on the face are significantly reduced without Botox or dermal fillers. This immediate lifestyle enhancement is far more permanent than injections or a facelift.’

Anti-aging dentistry provides dental intervention for people with:
• Short teeth
• Facial wrinkles around the mouth
• A grumpy expression due to a bad bite and worn teeth
• A small looking chin from a deep overbite
• Old mismatched veneers or crowns
• Teeth grinding and tooth wear
• Overly visible lower teeth while talking — common as a person ages
• Bad bites, under bites or overbites
• Yellow or discolored teeth or those with tetracycline stains
• Clicking jaws, jaw pain or TMJ pain

Anti-aging dentistry addresses these problems, maximising comfort, appearance and health, says Dr Muslin.

It reverses the aging process related to the teeth and bite. In some cases, the patient gets a better bite than when they were 30 years younger, Dr Muslin states.

‘Unlike surgical options, Botox or soft tissue fillers, anti-aging dentistry does not leave my patients with swelling, bruising, sutures, stiff features or a long recovery period,” says Dr Muslin.

‘The unique characteristics of each face are preserved, leaving no telltale signs of cosmetic work. Patients getting Botox or soft tissue fillers have to get repeat injections for the rest of their lives if they want to look younger. Face Lift Dentistry is nearly permanent and requires only normal tooth maintenance.’

According to recent figures by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Americans spend $2.75 billion annually on cosmetic dentistry. A study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery predicts body enhancement will climb to 55 million by 2015, but 88 percent of them are expected to be less invasive in nature.

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