How many germs are you swallowing every day?

Have you ever considered what would happen to your body if you were swallowing thousands of germs every day? Well, you should – because you do – every day!
These germs live in dentures, partials, retainers, and mouthguards worn by 12 million UK people. Not to mention the on-going yeast infections that so many suffer from.

More research is being done every year that links germs on oral appliances to bacterial endocarditis, upper respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, wound infections, and meningitis.
The unpleasant odours you experience from these appliances are caused by the germs that live in them!

It takes a full spectrum disinfectant like SonicBrite to ensure that all of these germs are eliminated with each cleaning.
Imagine a whole new technology that allows you to remove staining from tobacco, coffee, tea, and yes, even blueberries – plus >99.9% of bacteria from e-coli to staphylococcus – in 15 easy minutes.
The system has gained a following among denture specialists. Many now use the product in their own denture clinics.

Many teenagers and adults today wear orthodontic retainers. These retainers need very particular care in order to function properly and also maintain the health of your mouth.

SonicBrite can remove the bacteria and the plaque on the orthodontic retainers to make them fit properly and also feel more comfortable.
In addition to proven effectiveness in a clinical setting, SonicBrite received rave reviews from customers across the country, and abroad who have found cleaner Mouths, fresher breath and brighter smiles with the help of SonicBrite.

‘I can only tell you that I’ve been a smoker & coffee drinker for years – I thought my upper denture would have to be replaced because I’ve tried every over the counter cleanser out there! After the 1st time with SonicBrite, I knew I had found something, finally that works!  You’ll have me as a customer forever! Thank you for my smile back!’ Nancy F, Leeds

So, don’t risk your health – remove the stains, odors, and bacteria from your oral appliance today. How many germs will you be swallowing every day until you order SonicBrite for yourself?

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